• The Admission process for the academic year 2023-24 is started for more details visit the official website of Cet cell of M.S.
  • The Admission process for the academic year 2023-24 is started for more details visit the official website of Cet cell of M.S.
  • The Admission process for the academic year 2023-24 is started for more details visit the official website of Cet cell of M.S.

Best Practices

Sr.No Best Practices 

Language Diversity Program:

Language diversity or linguistic diversity is always seen in the metropolitan city where people are come from different parts of India to get an education. Our College is given admission to all language students from English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. When students are joined together for learning purposes, lingual diversity is clearly seen among them. So to promote each language we organized a Language day (Bhasha Din) program and promote students to talk about the importance of other languages (other than their mother tongue). We celebrate the various regional cultural program and involved all students, arrange Bhasha activities including language awareness through games, the motto is to respect all other languages and respect their diversity and culture. Language diversity programs are successfully carried out every year. We have added new language-based programs likes talk on books, poster presentations, street play on the importance of language, etc. We also arranged cultural programs on the theme of Bhasha Jatra, where Marathi Actor and Foreign delegates have visited and encouraged our students.

2 English language Development Program: As a diversified culture of Mumbai, we found that most of the students are coming from poor families with the vernacular medium of instruction. The main problem of the students while communicating with English is they are unable to give their best output only because of the English language barrier. So, we decided to conduct Two hours English language development program every week. Our English faculty members as well as university faculty talked to students the basic grammar with communication skills. As a result of this, we found that our students were very comfortable with English. This program is having a remarkable response from students who came from vernacular medium. In the year 2018-19, we have invited eminent speakers from different colleges and our University staff. We also include soft skills, personality development activities, Group discussion, Team building, How to face interviews, how to approach competitive examination. As a result, most of the students are successfully completed the examination.
3 Morning Assembly – Morning assembly is a regular and important feature of the college. It gives a much-needed platform to meet all the students in one place. Every day students share important current affairs, Good thoughts, and Moral Stories with all. Official instructions, announcements regarding scholarships, training, intra-college, and intercollegiate competitions, and upcoming events are made. The students listen carefully to the instructions given during the assembly and follow them earnestly.
4 Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat: As per the initiatives of the Central Government Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat Activity is implemented in our college in collaboration with SNDT Women’s University. This scheme is launched on the occasion of the 145th Birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Under this scheme, we have to select one of the states of India, so we choose Orissa as a State. We have organized various cultural exchange programs with Orissa students. We have screened Odia movies that represent their culture and later arrange discussion will happen. Also arrange cooking festival, under this our student’s prepared Orissa’s famous foods and explain the recipe. We have arranged a discussion on Maharashtra state educational policies with Orissa’s educational policies.
5 VrikshaBandhan: Vrikshabandhan seems to be a very effective best practice of the college. Under this activity, our NSS students have taken the oath of tree conservation and safety. By inspiring the motives of Sundarlal Bahuguna, our students have knotted the Rakhi to Trees on Raksha Bandhan. We have created some groups, who simultaneously visited and nurture the trees where they knot the Rakhi to the tree. Our responsibility is to save nature for the next generation.
6 Counseling for B. Ed Admission Process: This is the best practice of our college; under this our B.Ed Admission committee members have taken various drives for fresh students to face CET Examination. For English medium students, we have conducted sessions for English language and Grammer. We also arrange a separate meeting with students’ parents and tell them about the importance of B.Ed., Carrier opportunities after B.Ed. and future education. We have created a Whatsapp Group, conduct preparation online practice exams. How to select colleges and how to fill in information correctly. This program is continuously running from 2016-17 to this year.
7 The College Magazine: Besides effective transaction of curriculum, students are provided with a platform to share their creativity. The college every year publishes a magazine it is entitled SPANDAN. Students are free to contribute in their respective languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati. Every year students contribute their creative work in the form of poems, essays, articles, short stories, experiences. Teachers also contribute their creative work to the magazine. The magazine is published in printed form as well as online. Also, with this magazine, we can reach to our stakeholders.


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